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Prolific, profound, prompt, professional and precise are just a few words I use to describe Tia. For over 26 years, Tia has been my go-to for her extraordinary writing and editing talents. She’s the teacher's teacher when it comes to any and everything writing or editing. I've referred countless individuals to Tia because she’s so exceptional at what she does. Tia, thank you for always making me and my work look flawless.
Tia Ross Editorial - WordWiser Ink
Rod Warner
Before I met Tia, trying to find an editor I could build a relationship with who understood my projects and maintain my voice as a writer was a nightmare. Not only did Tia improve the readability of my book with her precise attention to detail and word usage, she helped me to identify my most common writing errors and taught me how to correct them.
Ashley Sauls
I love how Tia's choice for words are so accurate. It is absolutely amazing how I wrote something one way and she made it sound more professional and exciting to read! I appreciated how she never made me feel like "just a client." I felt like she was more of a partner due to her warm, inviting spirit and her dedication to my book's success. It was as if we knew each other personally.
Tia Ross Editorial client
Trish Hill
Masterful editing and proofreading services. Wordwiser Ink was vital in the development of my manuscript and it was a great learning opportunity to further my craft. I would recommend their services to writers and content creators alike. More specifically, I’d like to thank Sherian Brown for her professionalism and expertise.
Andrew Raybon
Tia was quick and efficient in writing the bio for my new website. She provided several variations of the work to make sure she delivered what I needed. I could not recommend a more qualified, talented writer and editor!
Paula Mason
Sherian has wonderfully exceeded my expectations for an editor, and it has been an exceptional experience working with her. She is knowledgeable, professional and is always open to answering my questions. She is also thoughtful, comprehensive, and her comments and assistance throughout the process is invaluable. I'm very fortunate to have her edit my manuscript and I’m looking forward to working with her again on other future projects.
N.R. White
Tia is an exceptional technical writer and people person. She is also an excellent resource and a pleasure to work with.
Demetrius Nelon
Tia Ross' editing skills are excellent! I own a small business and hired Ms. Ross to edit our store profile and the "About Us" section. She had the edits along with a partial rewrite to me within a couple of hours. Everything made total sense and I was very pleased and impressed with the outcome. I HIGHLY recommend Tia Ross!​
Neecha Mayfield
I embarked on novel writing in 2012 and have since published five books. Fear coupled with not knowing whether my novel writing would be a good work that would reflect top professional quality, I bounced around utilizing several editors. Tia Ross came highly recommended from a masterful writer who is among my favorite authors. Tia is not only a superb editor, but her writing coaching skills are beyond an appropriated definition. She takes your writing product and provides direct and honest feedback. While not just performing skilled editing work, she equally teaches you how to write more effectively. My only regret is not meeting Tia before 2016. Tia is now my only editing source and road map that I follow as I continue to write. Tia Ross is the best of the best!
Clemon Maddox
I found the work performed on my manuscript extremely helpful, professional, and demonstrated insight only gained from a seasoned editor.
Clifton Weaver
Multi-tasking is Tia's special skill, and although she wears many hats, she does it all with quality and competence. She is also kind, gracious, and responsive—which I appreciate in a colleague/mentor—and is always willing to go out of her way to help someone out. I've encountered many shady individuals in the publishing biz, who are just out to make money off of naive, aspiring authors, but Ms. Ross is a woman of integrity who truly cares about the work she does and the people she works for.
Steph Casher
I'm so glad I came across Ms. Tia Ross during my search. She transformed my manuscript into a work of art. With patience, great communication, and clear instructions, she guided me along the way making my project publishing ready. I am extremely impressed and satisfied. I've found an editor for life!​
Lou Black
Tia's in-depth knowledge and skill was astonishing, but her attention to detail and customer service was even more extraordinary. I would recommend Tia's services to anyone in need. In fact, I already have.
Quenton Coleman
Quenton "Q" Coleman
Thank you for being my editor. I only wish that I had met you sooner. I was impressed by the depth of your edit. You pointed out things that made me want to hit myself in the hand, wondering why I did that.
Natasha Usher
The service that I have received from Tia has been incredible with superb efficiency, fast project turnarounds, and cost-effective services. I sincerely TRUST her and, under her guidance and professional expertise, have seen a vast improvement in my writing. Tia really cares about developing and furthering the literary careers of her clients.
Erika McCarden
I hereby crown Tia Ross 'Grammar Queen.' Her copyediting expertise helped to increase the pace and improve the flow of my novel. In addition, her straight-to-the-point comments and inquiries, by-products of her acute attention to detail, helped to further enhance my manuscript.
Yolanda Brooks
I have had the pleasure of working with Tia Ross over the years, and I quickly realized that she takes a consultative approach and leaves no room for errors, challenging her clients to be the best they can be while educating through the process.​
C. Mikki Dawson
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