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WordWiser Ink offers free estimates and consultations provided some key information is supplied with your request. We make it easy for you to check with us for quotes and availability. Simply fill out the form below. If you would like a sample edit, sample edits are available upon request. Upload a Word version of your document via our estimate form. If your project is a good fit for us, one of our editors will send you a proposal. That’s it! It’s that simple.

What is a realistic deadline?

The following is not about how long your specific project will take, but it offers the MINIMUM amount of time you should allow for copyediting from the date work begins. You’ll also want to add time for your own post-edit review and any necessary rewriting based on our edits.

Minimum seven weeks

Minimum six weeks

Minimum five weeks

Minimum four weeks

Minimum three weeks

Minimum two weeks

As a reminder, this is merely a baseline standard for you to use in determining whether your deadline is realistic. Consider these before submitting a request for completion by a specific deadline. Your editor may be working in your project among or scheduling it after other projects, so your projected turnaround will be based solely on her availability. You should never assume your document will be edited any sooner than these minimums.


You will receive a response within five business days. We encourage you to add add editors (a t) wordwiserink.com as a safe sender. If you have not received a response from us within several days, check your spam folder. You may also email us at this address to follow up at any time.


You can get an idea of our rates in the meantime by viewing our Rates chart. It offers range rates for fiction, nonfiction, and digital content. For legal, medical, business, academic, scientific, and technical rates, please contact us.

Office Hours


10am-5pm CST
10am-1pm CST

Our offices are closed on weekends and major holidays. If you email us on Friday or a major holiday, you can expect a response within five business days. On rare occasions, our project manager may work outside of business hours and respond to emails, but this is not the norm.
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