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Welcome to WordWiser Ink, where editorial excellence meets unparalleled dedication. Founded in 2000, WordWiser Ink is not just another editorial services firm; we are a woman-owned, Black-owned boutique firm dedicated to refining the written word to perfection.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of elite African American editors brings a wealth of expertise to every project. We have proudly collaborated with organizations of all sizes, spanning both public and private sectors, to uphold the highest standards of quality and style in written communication.

Our esteemed clientele includes Fortune 100/500 corporations, renowned “Big 5” publishers, influential nonprofits, and government entities. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and editorial brilliance.

At WordWiser Ink, we are driven by a passion for clarity, conciseness, and accuracy. Whether it’s refining documents, publications, or digital content, we are dedicated to ensuring error-free communication that captivates and inspires. Specializing in both fiction and nonfiction, we cater to clients ranging from global publishing giants to aspiring self-published authors.

Join us on a journey where words transcend mere communication and become powerful tools for expression and impact. Experience the difference with WordWiser Ink—where your words are our craft, and your success is our mission.


Provide the highest quality editorial services while helping to improve clients’ writing and communication skills through insightful editorial feedback


To enrich written works crafted by professionals whose brilliance is merely amplified by the application of editorial style


Commitment to honesty, truth, transparency, and integrity in all personal and professional business dealings

History of WordWiser Ink

WordWiser Ink LLC was originally formed in 2000 as Pentouch Literary, becoming well known among literary circles for its team of professional African-American editors who were exceptionally skilled at improving the editorial quality of self-published Black literature. The Pentouch Literary team was involved in the successes of numerous bestselling and award-winning books, including That Faith, That Trust, That Love, by Jamellah Ellis, a national bestselling self-published novel that was picked up by Strivers Row/RandomHouse Publishing, and More Than Entertainers, which won an NAACP Image Award for Best Nonfiction.

In 2003, two of Pentouch Literary’s founding editors, Tia Ross and Kimberly Hines, were recognized by Writer’s Digest Magazine among the “Top 37 freelance book doctors in the U.S.” Pentouch was also honored with inclusion in Elizabeth Lyon’s National Directory of Editors & Writers for Hire, Jewell Parker Rhodes’ The African American Guide to Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, and countless other publications, directories, and resources for writers and publishers.

Directory of 600 Editors
African American Guide to Writing and Publishing

WordWiser Ink LLC is an MWDBE incorporated in Texas, USA.
NAICS code: 561410
SIC Code: 8999
DUNS: 100514699

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