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You have enough to worry about. Errors in grammar, clarity, continuity, and flow that can undermine your credibility shouldn’t be among them.

At WordWiser Ink, our team of expert editors and proofreaders have polished the words of thousands of writers for 25+ years. We’ve worked with business leaders, authors, attorneys, consultants, coaches, thought leaders, and corporate and nonprofit enterprises of all sizes.

As your quality partner, we ensure that your message is clear, succinct, and error-free. We transform business documents, technical communications, digital content, and website copy into eloquent communications. We polish fiction and nonfiction manuscripts into stylish prose that flows.

We get your writing noticed for your ideas and impact, not your mistakes. We make sure your text looks its optimal best on every project.

Our Services


Checking of spelling, grammar, word choice, numerals, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, consistency, logic, conciseness, and clarity


Attention to plot, chronology, dialogue, character development, redundancies, and relevance


Final draft review with focus on typos, punctuation, formatting, and grammatical errors

Editorial Experts

As master wordsmiths, we offer you a second set of eyes, spotting mistakes you may have missed and enhancing your writing. We help you convey your ideas in a compelling manner with clarity and style, making your writing the best it can be—without changing your voice.

Our Clients' Industries

A few of the key industries we serve

Book Publishing—Fiction, Nonfiction & Magazine

Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Professional Training & Development

Information & Media

Civic, Business & Professional Organizations

Administrative, Management & Human Resources Consulting

Tourism & Hospitality

Medical & Scientific


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