Expert Copyediting and Proofreading Services

All writers deserve a great editor. When you publish something without first having it professionally edited or proofread, you put your book, your business, your brand and your success at risk.

Typos, grammar and spelling errors, excessive wordiness, ambiguities, improper word usage, redundancies, and faulty punctuation are just a few of the many mistakes that can distract your reader and destroy both your credibility and your results.

WordWiser Ink’s expert editors will ensure that your writing is noticed for your ideas, not your mistakes. We work with:

Business Owners and Executives
Technical Writers and Publishers
Bloggers and Website Owners
Independent and Self-Published Authors
Magazine Publishers

WordWiser's editor's solve problems you don't know you have

Polish BEFORE You Publish

You want to publish with confidence, whether you’re writing for publication, production, communications or to achieve business or academic goals.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and sample edit or proofread. We’ll show you how your project will benefit from our scrutiny.

And if your work requires a service we don’t provide, we’ll connect you with a few colleagues who do.

"Not only did my editor improve the readability of my book with her precise attention to detail and word usage, she helped me to identify my most common writing errors and taught me how to correct them."

Masters of style to the rescue

We’re masters of style—Chicago, AP, and Microsoft—and we focus on the details, correcting errors that you may not see until they’re pointed out to your detriment. Let us find and address weaknesses and errors before your audience spots them.

Hire WordWiser Ink to catch your typos
I'm so glad I came across Ms. Tia Ross during my search. She transformed my manuscript into a work of art. With patience, great communication, and clear instructions, she guided me along the way to making my project publishing ready. I am extremely impressed and satisfied. I've found an editor for life!
Lou Black

Publish With Confidence

You can't afford to appear unconcerned with errors appearing in your work. If you've reached the limits of your ability to improve your work, you can count on us to polish it to perfection.

Get A Fresh (Professional) Eye

Many writers see what they think they wrote, not what's actually there. Where you tend to overlook mistakes, we scrutinize every line, word by word, character by character with fresh eyes.

Become a Better Writer

We've enhanced the words of thousands of writers across myriad industries. We'll make notes to help you grasp the reasons for the changes we suggest and implement them. This technique teaches you how to make your book stronger by identifying problems and directing you on how to fix them.

Increased Productivity

Once you put your work in our capable hands, you're free to focus on other projects.

Choose WordWiser Ink

Don't publish typos. Contact us today for a free estimate.

I love how my editor's choice for words are so accurate. It is absolutely amazing how I wrote something one way and she made it sound more professional and exciting to read!
Trish Hill
Trish Hill
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