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Your words—whether they’re in book form, published in digital form or in print—represent you and/or your organization. Even minor errors can tarnish your image and cost you readers, clients and customers.

Whether you’ve just completed a multi-million dollar proposal, put the last period on your manuscript, designed a new website, re-vamped the corporate newsletter or written an internal memo, the professional editors at WordWiser Ink will transform your words into perfection.

What is editing?

Editing involves the correction of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, numerals, abbreviations, acronyms, clarity in word choice (specifically ineffective or improper usage, unclear or awkward phrasing, transitions, and overall fluency), organization, consistency, and style. Attention is also given to special elements such as page format and typeface.

WordWiser Ink Fiction and Nonfiction Editing & Proofreading

Why hire a freelance professional

A professional freelance editor/writer can bring fresh insight, creativity, clarity and style to your projects without your having to add an employee to your staff. A freelancer comes through when your staff is out sick, on vacation or overburdened. An expert writer can enhance your business image by helping you express your ideas more clearly. Well-written, focused, clear, concise documents, correspondence and other business materials must support the high-quality products and services you provide.

When to hire WordWiser Ink

  • When you’re too busy or unable to correctly and efficiently write or edit company or personal documents
  • When your budget is too tight to hire a full-time copyeditor, writer or proofreader
  • When you’re not as confident as you’d like to be about sending out materials or correspondence
  • When you’re too “in love” with your words to critically edit and meaningfully revise them
  • When you finish writing your book and you’re ready to prepare it for publication

If you’re in need of an editor, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need your completed manuscript or document polished to perfection or have only a rough draft, our services help take your work to the next level.

Our goal is to bring image-enhancing clarity and style to our clients’ documents, websites and publications on time and within budget. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients throughout all phases of each project and are dedicated to delivering top-notch service with the highest quality results.

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