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Medical Editing & Proofreading

Once a peer-reviewed medical journal or scientific manuscript has been accepted by a journal or association for publication, files need to be reviewed by a professional medical copyeditor. Our professional medical copyeditors review manuscripts to check for consistency, style, references, tables, figures, grammar, and punctuation along with the following issues:

  • Language: On average, medical and scientific journal articles are written at high reading levels, indicating that a person would require a university degree level of education to read the information. Non-native English speakers are challenged to meet the language standards of the industry.
  • Macros: Macros are run on these types of articles, and html tagging (or the journal’s house tagging style) is added so that the article is correctly formatted when it is printed.

All journals follow specific style guidelines in addition to the American Medical Association style guidelines.

Our editors have written or reviewed content for Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Pearson Education, American Physiological Society, Educational Testing Services, American Heart Association, and Austin American-Statesman.

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