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Tia Ross, Editor, Coach, Entrepreneur


"Top 37 book doctors in the U.S."
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Founder & Managing Director, Black Editors & Proofreaders Directory

Board of Directors, Professional Editors Network

Publications Committee, Editorial Freelancers Association

Conference Planning Consultant, EFACON 2018-2023, Editorial Freelancers Association

Co-Chairperson, EFACON 2018 Chicago

Volunteer Liaison, Professional Editors Network

Mentor, Professional Editors Network

Mentor, The Young Writers Initiative

Accountability Coach, Black Writers Collective

Member, Independent Book Publishers Association

Member, Women’s National Book Association

Accomplished Editor • Technology Enthusiast Tia Ross is a highly accomplished editor with an impressive career that spans multiple industries and encompasses a wide range of expertise. She embarked on her professional editing journey at a remarkably young age, working for the United States government at just 16 years old. Since then, Tia has edited business and technical documentation across diverse sectors such as legal, information technology, insurance, advertising, marketing, training, and finance. With a specialization in copyediting, line editing, UX content writing and editing, and technical writing and editing, Tia’s skills are sought after by some of the industry’s most prominent players. She has worked with renowned “Big 5” publishers, including Hachette Book Group, Avalon Travel, Moon Guides, Workman Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Adams Media, Penguin Random House, and various HarperCollins imprints such as Harper One, Amistad, Muse, and Mariner. Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft led to her recognition as one of the top 37 book doctors in the U.S. by Writer’s Digest early in her career. Fuelled by a deep passion for technology, Tia pursued her undergraduate studies in IT, earning an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology. Throughout her academic journey, she delved into content strategy, project management, database programming, and web design. Tia’s technical expertise extends to digital and computer forensics, full-stack web development, web accessibility, search engine optimization, UX, and database programming using MySQL, SQL, and Oracle. She is well-versed in popular content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, WordPress, and Adobe EM, as well as customer relationship managers like Salesforce and Hubspot. While Tia is knowledgeable in all popular style manuals, her preferred tools of choice are the Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Style Manual, and Merriam-Webster dictionary. As your editor, Tia approaches her work with a clear mission: to enhance your delivery, clarify your ideas, eliminate redundancies, and ensure consistency—all while maintaining your unique voice and preserving your authorial presence. With Tia, you can trust that your words will receive the utmost attention and care, as she believes in keeping your voice at the forefront and refrains from editing you out of your own words.

Fun Facts About Tia

Something people are surprised to learn about you: that I’ve never had so much as a sip of coffee nor smoked anything in my life

Something I’m most proud of: my baby boy being a United States Airman in the greatest Air Force and military in the world!

Longest trip you’ve ever taken: I traveled for 5½ months through 49 cities, hopping from Houston to Los Angeles to Hawaii to Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama) to South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)

Editor Tia Ross, Machu Picchu, Peru
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Public space you feel most comfortable:  beaches and libraries

Fave way to stay fit: HIIT, yoga, and cycling

Topic you could give a 20-minute presentation on without preparation: personal credit building (how to get to the 850+ Club!)

One thing you’re hilariously bad at: drawing (which is insane because my sons are both extremely gifted artists)

Something you’re snobby about: hi-fi audio — I despise basic factory stereo and headphones with weak or no bass

Drink of choice: sparkling water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Five mobile apps you use most: Spotify, Waze, Telegram, Libby/Audible, and Kindle

Biggest weakness: my sweet tooth!

Most irresistible guilty pleasures: my sister Rashida’s peach cobbler, my mom’s banana pudding, Haydel’s or Gambino’s king cake, See’s Candies P-Nut Crunch