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Tia Ross, Editor, Coach, Entrepreneur


"Top 37 book doctors in the U.S."
Tia Ross Editorial
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Fun Facts About Tia

Something people are surprised to learn about you: that I’ve never had so much as a sip of coffee nor smoked anything in my life

Longest road trip you’ve been on: Texarkana to Los Angeles, 1612 miles (second place: Dallas to Philly, 1,520 miles)

Public space you feel most comfortable:  beaches and libraries

Fave way to stay fit: HIIT, yoga, and cycling

Topic you could give a 20-minute presentation on without preparation: personal credit building (how to get to the 850+ Club!)

One thing you’re hilariously bad at: drawing (which is insane because my sons are both extremely gifted artists – see joukoart.com)

Something you’re snobby about: hi-fi audio — I despise basic factory stereo and headphones with weak or no bass

Drink of choice: sparkling water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Five mobile apps you use most: Spotify, Waze, Telegram, Alexa, and Mighty Networks (Black Writers)

Biggest weakness: my sweet tooth!

Most irresistible guilty pleasures: my sister Rashida’s peach cobbler, my mom’s banana pudding, See’s Candies P-Nut Crunch

Tia Ross has been a writer since age 10 and a freelance and professional editor since high school when, at 16 years young, she was editing correspondence for United States military recruiters and papers for fellow students. Since then, she has polished millions of pages across all types of projects and mentored dozens of aspiring editors and writers.

Tia provides both in-house and remote editorial support with fiction, nonfiction, business and technical documents, and digital content. Although she’s well-versed in all popular style manuals, her tools of choice include Chicago Manual of StyleAssociated Press Style Manual, and Merriam-Webster dictionary.

As your editor, Tia believes her mission is to maintain your voice while enhancing your delivery, clarifying your ideas, eliminating redundancies, and ensuring consistency. What she won’t do is edit YOU out of YOUR own words.

Tia Ross, Editor