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About Sherian

Sherian Brown, Editor

Sherian Brown has written two novels and has edited several types of fiction, nonfiction, and other creative writing projects for nearly 20 years. As a Medical Policy Coordinator and Perfusionist, she has written and edited many scientific policies, procedures, and presentations. Sherian pays close attention to detail and is dedicated to providing exemplary editorial services. When she’s not engrossed in editing her latest project, she enjoys reading, yoga, and traveling. She has a Master of Science in Cardiopulmonary Science and a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Sherian's Fun Facts

Something people are surprised to learn about you: Although I don’t consider myself a daredevil, I’ve been skydiving, ziplining, and I have a motorcycle license.

Longest road trip you’ve been on: Huntsville, Alabama to Long Beach, California (2,023 miles)

Public space you feel most comfortable in: It’s a toss-up between a library and a cozy coffee shop.

Fave ways to stay fit: dancing, cycling, and yoga

One thing you’re hilariously bad at: hula-hooping (I can’t seem to keep that hoop around my waist for more than a few seconds.)

Something you’re snobby about: chai tea lattes! I discovered a couple of coffee shops that make them so well that they ruined my taste for chai tea lattes anywhere else.

Drink of choice: see my answer above (it’s become a real problem…lol)

Fave candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (yet another real problem)

Fave season: autumn (I love the cool weather and the changing colors of the leaves.)

Best piece of advice you’ve received: Don’t worry. When the time is right, what’s meant for you will reveal itself, and it’ll be just for you.

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