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Legal proofreading is arguably one of the most important roles in the legal profession. A misplaced colon, comma or list item in a legal document can produce a significant disparity in interpretation. With so much at stake, finding highly qualified legal proofreading services is essential.

For lawyers, professors, students of law and others who write, present and publish legal documents of all kinds, WordWiser Ink’s expert legal proofreading, editing and formatting services offer you three keys to peace of mind:

  • Time you do not have to painstakingly proofread or edit your own words
  • Confidence that the documents you produce are error-free
  • Assurance that your work will be treated with the strictest of privacy and confidentiality
  • Clarity, Precision and Style

    WordWiser Ink’s services focus on ensuring flawless grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation and structure and that your writing conveys clarity, precision and consistency in style.¬†We can use your own house style, Bluebook or an industry style. We’re intimately familiar with the proper structuring of legal documents, so we can ensure your formatting meets standard acceptable guidelines and is uniform throughout your document.

    Tight Deadlines

    We offer legal clients the fastest turnaround times to meet those non-negotiable and stressful deadlines that are endemic in the legal profession.

    We Work With

    • Memoranda
    • Securities Filings
    • Agreements & Contracts
    • Annual Reports
    • Briefs & Motions
    • Correspondence
    • Tables of Authorities
    • Cross-References
    • Glossaries
    • Exhibits
    • Pleadings
    • Patent/Trademark Applications
    • Flow and Organizational Charts
    • CLE Presentations
    • Speeches
    • E-filings
    • Requests for Admissions
    • Interrogatories
    • Requests for Production
    • Courtroom Transcripts
    • Instructional Materials
    • Scholarly Articles & Books
    • Law School Application Personal Statements

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