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About Jade

Ms. Jade Jamal Sharif is a writer, essayist, blogger, award-winning author, and relentless reader. Her credits include essays, articles, and poetry featured in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and the online community over the last twenty years. The daughter of an English professor, she developed a passion for reading, writing, and language early in life. She is currently co-editor and content creator for the Modern African Diaspora Experience (MADE) online museum.

Jade's Fun Facts

Something people are surprised to learn about you: By age 12, I was a world-ranked gymnast training for the Olympics.

Longest road trip you’ve been on: Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, CA (2,243.1 miles)

Public space you feel most comfortable in: coffee shop, swanky bar, tropical beach

Fave ways to stay fit: hula-hooping, skating, walking

Something you love about your morning routine:  very little – I’m not a morning person!

Movies you could watch over and over again: City of God, The Dark Knight, Best In Show

Fave vegetable: spinach

Fave season: summer

Best piece of advice you’ve received: The world needs to read what you’re writing.