That Faith, That Trust, That Love

Marley Shepherd should be on top of the world—she’s a lawyer at a prestigious law firm and engaged to marry the crown prince of Atlanta black society. But soon she begins to see that her life—and her fiancé—are not as perfect as she thought. Marley seeks comfort in her mother and grandmother, but they are too consumed with anger at each other, and too blinded by their past, to save Marley from the disaster that will turn her life—and theirs—upside down. Then Marley has a spiritual awakening . . .

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About the Book

This faith-based novel is about nurturing belief in God and building love and trust within your family. Marley Shepard is on the fast track to success. She is a Spelman College graduate, an attorney at a prestigious firm, and engaged to one of Atlanta’s favorite sons. In spite of all that is good in her life, she has nagging doubts about her relationship. She is very close to her mother and grandmother. Even when they battle over past hurts, they love and need each other. After discussing her troubles with an older coworker, she agrees to attend church. After the service, she is introduced to the handsome Lazarus. When she finally realizes that she should not get married, she and Lazarus begin to spend time with one another and develop a strong friendship. Then her mother becomes ill, and she must rely on her faith for her own peace of mind and for her mother’s recovery. Throughout all of her indecision, doubt, pain, and joy, she finds true comfort in her spirituality.-Lillian Lewis

Genre: Christian Living
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Random House
List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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