Decision Habits: 7 Real-Life Strategies to Make Better Decisions
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Publication Year: 2018

Your future happiness depends on the decisions that you make right now. Get your decisions working for you with Decision Habits: 7 Real-Life Strategies to Make Better Decisions. This short no-nonsense guide will show you how to make better decisions, with less stress and more confidence.

About the Book

Decision Habits: 7 Real-Life Strategies to Make Better Decisions is a no-fluff decision-making guide for real people making decisions in the real world. Learn how to train your decision habits—your automatic approach to decision making—to help you win in life and business. Discover how to pre-plan decision making to minimize stress and make better decisions faster. Find out why you should ditch the pros and cons list for good. Decision Habits offers a practical, actionable guide to making better decisions.

FREE Download June 8-9, 2018

Get your free copy of Decision Habits: 7 Real-Life Strategies to Make Better Decisions on Friday (June 8) and Saturday (June 9) only. No Kindle device needed; read on any device with the free Kindle app []. Download your copy of Decision Habits and start making better decisions today:

Free Decision Habits Workbook

Download today – Decision Habits WorkbookDecision Habits Workbook by Nicole Robinson

Did you fail to reach your goal, again? You’ve tried daily mantras, accountability partnerships, and goal setting. Yet you are no closer to losing the weight, finishing the passion project, improving the relationship or developing the new skill.

How would you feel if you could finally achieve your goal?

In 45 days or less, The Decision Habits Workbook will take you from goal setting to goal achievement (or if you’ve got a big goal, put you firmly on track to reach it).

In the workbook, you will:

  • Develop your 45-Day Goal (something that actually matters to YOU)
  • Uproot the self-sabotaging behaviors that have prevented success
  • Outline a simple, actionable plan to help you achieve your goal
  • Discover decision habits that will help you with your immediate goals and beyond

Download today – Decision Habits Workbook

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